Arnica and Coconut Salve
Healing of Sore Muscles and Relaxation

  • 100% NATURAL PRODUCT: made just with organic ingredients, and does not contain preservatives
  • ARNICA MONTANA RELIEFS muscle pain, sore skin, bruises, inflammation because of the natural property of the ingredients
  • EXCELLENT TO BE USED AFTER YOGA, to get a relaxed and refreshed feeling in your muscles
  • BEST FORMULA: with a combination of natural products targeted to heal and relieve
  • GREAT FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING: it is true Arnica combined with infused oils can heal almost anything

What is Arnica Salve?

Coconut oil is used in many natural beauty products because its antibacterial and antifungal properties. When applied to the skin coconut oil protects from microbial infections that can get into open wounds or even enter the body through pores. It is an excellent moisturizer for the skin, and will keep the fragrance for hours. It works as a deep conditioner because of its properties of preventing protein loss.

Why Using Arnica Salve?

Recent discoveries have pointed coconut oils as a great wound healer, because increases hydration and reduces water loss.

Great Combinations with Arnica Salve.

Coconut oil also has antioxidant properties and it helps in the absorption of other minerals. Is an incredible source of medium chain fatty acids, which have been shown to possess healthy benefits. Also coconut oil without any chemical additives can protect the skin of sun damages. When you apply medium chain saturated acids or triglycerides to the skin, it creates a smooth feeling, which translates into a great moisture. It is a fact that 100 grams of coconut oil has about 0.1 mg of vitamin E, thus enhancing the skin-nourishing properties. It has anti-aging properties because is rich on antioxidants. Is rich in many proteins, and that contributes a lot to rejuvenation and cellular/tissue repair. Once applied on the skin it can last for hours. Just take an amount of this salve on your palms, rub them against each other once or twice, and feel the great moisturizing effect. It has been claimed that coconut oil is good for several skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. Because it does not just treat the infection by battling the microbial bodies, it also heals the damage or the visible marks of the skin disorder, a two-in-one solution!

When and How to Use Arnica Salve?

It can be used before, during, and after your workout. The fragrance will remain for a long time, and the arnica benefits will be working for hours. Remember arnica has several benefits for the treatment of bruises, swellings, inflammation, pains, and is a great complement for your skin when is used with essential oils and chamomile. The natural infusions of the oils will mix together and create a great compliment for your overall health.

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