Have you ever wonder why your body felt restless and tired with no apparent reason? Are there evident reasons  showing you signs and symptoms that your body needs hydration? Are you hangover?

There are many ways our body can show symptoms of hydration, and not all of them are shouting “Hydration please!”. Most times we don’t even notice that our body is dehydrated until the condition becomes severe.

Most diseases, medical treatments, drugs, and stress can cause an electrolyte imbalance. The symptoms related to lack of electrolytes include fatigue, lethargy, convulsions, nausea, hast or irregular heart beat, vomiting, cramps, irritability, headaches, numbness and tingling.

What are the benefits of electrolyte supplements?

  1. They can provide with the right amount of electrolytes the body is lacking of, and re-establish a balance
  2. They will prevent muscular cramps during exercise. So you can do your exercise routine knowing your electrolyte supply will prevent these
  3. They can be conveniently taken with you anywhere and it is just one single tablet away to get the positive effects
  4. Your resistance will increase with a body that feels rightly hydrated
  5. They will provide essential minerals if the body is going through a keto-diet
  6. The cost of electrolyte supplies is very low in comparison to visit the doctor with dehydration symptoms. Better to prevent, and their cost is small